Barren trees

A barren marriage makes a barren life, especially when he is extremely controlling. A I should have, he said after paying $3.00 for a marriage license, he looked at me and said,  ” I OWN YOU NOW.”   I  should have run away screaming!  Many, many people, teachers & students. Especially sweet, wise and kind larry. Oh, but Frances could not wait to get me married off to him. Latter after much abuse & the divorce, she told Coleen, ” I guess I should have done something after he told me he had killed a man. He was 17, those records were closed, so why did he tell her that. Those two liked putting their heads together and trashing me. It made a bond between them. Later after the divorce, in which he did manage to get the lions share of money and I did not crumble & turn to him, As he thought I would, he went to Martinez & tried to convince her to help him get a court order to put in control of me & my finances & mental state, as if I needed such a thing.                               Patricia

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