I had gone up to Martinez to visit Francis.  She wanted me around when she needed me. As we visited, sitting at her dinning table, her scrap booking and I painting her in watercolor, she would get up & tend to dinner in the kitchen directly behind her through the doorway. We repeated this same routine every day. On the day before my departure, as I was preparing to pack, gathering my “stuff” up, she noticed that I had painted her. She was surprised (They made a practice of never even pretending that I had a brain or was capable of accomplishing anything) to see the painting. Her only comment was, “Oh, Pat I would have smiled had I known you were my picture.”  I think she was a lovely woman & did she ever have style & flair, as, so does my little sis, Nedra.   Take a look at those Betty Davis eyes, AKA   Bedroom eyes.


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