doggie is in the tree

I saw several interesting tree’s on a large business lot in Bakersfield, where I lived in my gorgeous townhouse with Archie, my miniature schnauzer. I had bought a used canvas, not noticing that it was worn thread barren in a spot or two. when I had gotten home & looked closely at the canvas, Then I noticed that it was thread barren.  (anyone else been through a divorce that you were just lucky to get out of alive? Of course there are. You can relate. As have some men.)  Then I tried to take the canvas out of the frame & could not do so. Wellll I wanted to paint that tree on this large canvas, it was the perfect sized canvas. I used some left over acrylic paint instead of jesso to prep the canvas, then I put masking tape onto the frame, drove to the lot and painted my tree. It was windy, I went home to finish the painting, buy found that it was finished.

I cannot sell this painting, but I love it, so no problem.    Patricia