acrylic on canvas. I had painted my first abstracts quite by accident while painting Quickly to my music. Also  many of my dream scene’s, veered into surrealism. This is one of many abstracts I deliberately painted, of course to music.

Again a painting with  sharp, crisp colors.

30 ” x  24″      Acrylic on canvas                start   $788.00


Cathedral of San Maguel

while in therapy, I found in a liberally book I found a very small photo of a painting, 1.5″ x 1.5″ by an artist, whose name I have around here some where, and I had to have it. No computers back then. I had to try & copy it, something I am not at all good at. I wish I had his name now, but later, some day. His painting was amazing. So I worked very hard & came up with a facsimile of it, this one.

I could not stop speaking of it to Dr. Singer. When I took it in, he was excited and showed where I had worked many things out and where much junk was still to be worked out.

So it cannot be sold as it is a poorly copy of another artist work. Although I did my own spin off, twice. They show some of my own abilities. although I believe this is a sufficient enough of a copy to relate to the original.