Ebony Naps

Ebony takes a much needed nap. She is sleeping in her new home. I had told her we had bought her a new house, forgettingn how many words she did know the meaniing of.

When we moved into our new house in Greenfield she took that house over with a vengence. Well, I did tell her we were buying her a house. She loved it!

One day I bought her a rain jacket with a cover for her head sewn on. We had no patio cover. She went out the doggie door and Stopped. She just stood there in the rain puzzeled by the fact no rain fell on her. She stood for over twenty minutes, stock still.

I cannot even begin to imagine what might have been going through her mind. Pure joy indeed along with great puzzelment.


a dogs life on the farm

Unfortunately, Roderick took all of my personal teenage photos of my life on the farm and other photos and momentous so I cannot put a photo of my beautiful dog Elbert on my blog. I have a few stories to share about him.

(insert…4-26-19…)   Now!!! a photo, of the real Elbert, also sister and me. Isn’t my sister adorable?

Michael had recently brought a box in from the garage, it had old photos in it. Frances gave most of her old photos to we three kids, each with our own old photos as well as others, aunts, cousins, etc. Priceless are the two photos we have found of my dog Elbert, actually the family dog.

Elbert was half Alaskan husky and half collie, he had the body of a collie and was snow white. He was also a fierce fighting dog who enjoyed following Charles when he was in the fields on the tractor.

Elbert would chase a rabbit down and play with it before getting bored and letting it go free. Charles witnessed this while plowing, harrowing etc.

Elbert also Played with the coyotes. They really wanted that white dog. They would wait for him and run him in relays. When caught by one he would fight him off before the others could arrive to take their enemy down. Then he was off to the safety of Charles and the tractor.

Another doggie Elbert story:

Charles had gone to the southern United States, where those beautiful horse stables are. They have the most awesome grass for a naturally watered location. The building of the new farmhouse was slightly above the cottonwood trees. He brought actual clumps of grass and planted them on the back side of that house. That grass grew like a house afire. It was beautiful and grew upward. It was dense and grew thicker and taller. He also put a lot of grass in the area down in the cottonwood trees area. In just a couple of years, he had marvelous deep grass on which he could feed out several yearlings to prepare to be sold for beef steaks, etc. Very easy and very profitable.

Frances borrowed a gas-powered lawnmower. As she was cutting the grass over and over she uncovered a nest of field mice. Baby mice were scrambling everywhere. We had a real problem with field mice getting into the house and chewing up her ‘stuff”, sewing supplies, fabric, etc. That plus the foodstuff they could into, also being a health hazard.

Frances grabbed a hoe and was chasing and killing them. I was there watching. We had seen Elbert running into the fray and running out to the outer edge of the grass. When Frances had finally worn herself out chasing and disposing of the cute little beast she  went over to see what Elbert had been up to. She found three or four baby mice which Elbert had resuced. She proceeded to continue the mayhem of killing. Now that was a tacky thing for me to say after all they were destructive disease carriers and had to be kept out of the house. So it was rather a necessity, I need not be rude about her. He was not happy that she did find and kill what he had tried to protect.

That dog was so dear to my heart. It has taken me many years to get over the shock and pain when David told me how Elbert had died.



Schnauzers do not get black & white

I so enjoyed working with people while selling real estate. This couple were one of my favorite. After showing them “re-sales” I showed them new homes.

It was always necessary to add things to a contract, such as if the home is not completed on time for the move-in date, the builder will pay for them a motel until they can move in. If you have dealt with some lenders and some loan companies you are aware that some do not perform according to the contract and people who have a home they have sold and have to move into the new on the move in date can be left in the lurch.

We became very well acquainted while I spent some time contacting the builder, actually the contractor, who left several things unfinished. It took several times of contacting him to get it all done. It was rather like pulling teeth.

I sometimes took my little Archie with me. We got quite a kick out of his incredulous attitude at seeing black people for, apparently the first time. He could not believe his eyes and stared quite impolitely.

What do you do when it’s a dog?

This reminds me of an incident with Coleen when she was just three year’s old. I must write about that sometime.

This has been a doggie tale.