California home

Michael hung all of the draperies, we custom ordered these drapes and the sheers from J.C. Pennies. They did an excellent job. I believe we bought the hardware there also. We left the sleigh head and footboard there, no room to take so many things so much furniture, but isn’t that way?

We truly did enjoy the home we made there, but are so much happier here in Nevada. The people here are so friendly and welcoming. Salinas Valley has the most clannish and unfriendly people I have ever been around, even most of the people we saw at church had no time for you unless you could do something for them.

Just busy I suppose and I was very ill there with the marine layer coming in from Monterey and settling and staying in Salinas and even all the way down the Salinas Valley to Greenfield where we had moved to escape the debilitating damp cold along with the fluctuating barometric pressure.

The fluxation of the barometric pressure bears down on your fibermialga and it causes pain so deeply ingrained in your body you are unable to move. It clouds your mind so bad you can barely form your thought process and speak sensibly.

Diane Boultinghouse called me one morning when I happened to be suffering very badly. She actually thought I had been drinking some kind of alcohol! Really Diane! What were you thinking!

Fibermialga is a terrible disease. Fortunately, while Coleen does have it she is able to live in Minnesota and copes well with the temperatures there.

In having to move & find a home here so quickly we rented a house on a mountainside. Just because there is no marine layer here, I think I can live in such a location? When will I learn?


She’s is learning quickly.

And there, in one short session, Archie has a playmate and I no longer have to take him across town for a playdate with his two doggie friends. One is another male Schnauzer and he did want to be top dog, but NO way did Archie allow that to happen. Oh! The chaotic fun and chases around that swimming pool they did have. WILD!

Archie and his male Schnauzer friend played so wild and rough he did not get a boy to play, I feared for my cute little townhouse. Then I discovered Ebony was a mischevious and unruly female who had my townhouse trembling in fear of what she would chew up or destroy next. I would come exhausted to work for two or three hours cleaning up. Archies pet about did me in before she grew out of puppy-hood.

She would walk around my townhouse looking up at my southwestern objects hanging on my walls. Her expression was easy to read, “If I could figure out how to get up there, I could take moms ‘stuff’ and chew it up, soooo good. My teeth just itch to bite into those gorgeous things. why does she put everything up so high?”

More, later. It is exhausting just to remember what she put me through & write about it.



Archie teaching Ebony to play

When I told Archie I was going to get him a dog of his own to play with while I worked he was expectant. The pet goldfish I had bought him had died. We used to sit and watch him and talk about him,  I am apparently not good keeping fish alive.

It was time to up my game.

When we found and bought itty bitty Ebony, Archie just walked around her looking her over and keeping his opinions to himself, he stayed away from her.

Several weeks later, after work one day Archie and I were on the floor playing, with one of his toys and little Ebony bounced over and attacked Archie. She was protecting me as she had interrupted his play as being threatening toward me. A Schnauzer trait to protect those in their family.

That made Archies day! She really is a dog! She won’t break! Immediately he began her training as a playmate, as shown here.
























’57 Freshman initatiom

Oh boy! weren’t those the good old days? weeelll, maybe not. I wanted something cool to wear, not this lame costume. This was just embarrassing to wear to high school that day. After all, that was the point wasn’t it. To embarrass us. Unless you were one of the movers and shakers! Which I wasn’t. And this was out of a class of eleven students!

I still had my nemesis by the name of, shall we say Patsy Terry. One of her jobs in life was to be sure I was never accepted as a person in school or to be involved as a cheerleader, etc. stuff we all wanted to do, fun stuff.  Too bad that suitcase was not full of money to make a getaway with.

That night when we had to show up to the gymnasium to undergo the final frightening humiliation we were all filled with the apprehension of maybe being blindfolded and having to eat something that felt like were eating worms or something equally gross. Do you remember those days?

Charles and “Patsy’s” dad were cohorts in advancing themselves financially legally as well as illegally. That was right up their alley. They were both highly intelligent and could come up with successful schemes that worked to their advantage.

I recall coming out of my bedroom one summer afternoon and surprised at finding him in the living room with Charles and exceedingly surprised when he came over and Kissed!Me.

Those fugues worked so very well.




What fun this is, I am pretty sure I can incorporate this into my other styles of painting. I have already done so but the painting Michael shot me creating in this video was taken by some other artist before I could get back to Sacramento and pick it up.

We’ll see if this will show and record on my blog.

Maybe maybe not



Mark, Coleen and. How frightful I do look, the kids are cute. This was 1971, give or take a year or two.

I was not an ace at sewing my own clothing and long after I stopped buying material and doing so, Frances kept sending her cast-offs, bad fabric and, the good little daughter that I was (yes mother) I kept sewing something out of the stuff. Then I would actually wear the thing!

Frances bought a lot of fabric, I finally figured some of the outfits I made were just awful. Case in point some kind of silky (nylon) slinky material she sent me, I just sewed a simple long dress which fit well, very simply made. THEN I actually wore it to church. Good thing I had good lady friends there. Everyone else probably had a good laugh on.

Its been a long day and i’m tired, perhaps this makes some kina sense.



We just ate lunch in Cedar city at a restaurant where we met Brandie. I hope to see her the next time we are in Cedar City Utah.

She was a beautiful, sparkling young woman. as we spoke and I complimented her on her petite size, she said she had lost forty pounds when in the hospital.

She had gone to sleep at the wheel of her car and hit a tree head-on. How she survived that accident is a miracle. She has had forty surgeries and has four more to go. Her in-depth details are for her to share and she has on, I think. u tube.

As we spoke, I happened to say, “God either has something for you to do or He has something to do in or with you” Her response, “That’s what my dad says”

Brandi, what an inspiration you are to Michael and me. Hope to see you again.


Tears, tears, so many tears

I have hated myself for so many years, but no more self-hatred, praise God. I sit here now with tears running down my face, I cannot stop them and why, why? What is the reason? I never know for sure, I only know healing does follow at one point or another.

Is there hatred in my heart for Charles Jackson, anger yes, but hatred? Hopefully not.

I am not acquainted with hatred at least not that I am aware of. Roderick has sorely tempted me in many ways and circumstances.

I really did hate him when learning after inviting her to drive his (biggest honda sold at the time, 750) Honda with him sitting behind her. When at 70 miles per hour he put his hands on her breast, She, braveheart immediately let go of the handlebars and RODERICK had to act fast to keep them from wrecking. Had I known what he had done I would have shot him dead if I had to break his gun case to get his gun to do it. Not a good thing, but don’t violate my baby!

So, I do know hatred. Thank God I was never in the position of killing someone.

A line in a novel of authors, one Fern Michaels, a simple little line, “I hated my dad for giving my tree to the White House. Such a simple little line. It has usually been a line about a child either being treated well or with love for all of those many years of tears, so many tears I wondered why my face did not sag off my skull with sogginess or maybe turn to leather tough as a horses rump.

Michaels up and we must be off on our home to Las Vegas, Oh yes. I have been so happy with Michael in my life I cannot even remember doing one of there crying jags for many years.


Home in Calfornia

We owned our home for ten years and enjoyed it so much. We had a blast furnishing it. Michael put roll out shelves in all of the bottom shelves and in the pantry. So nice. Also in the bathrooms. He put the hardware up for all of the draperies.

While any realtor who gets foreclosure listings is supposed to keep the grass and trees from dying, this one did not. Michael had to put all new lawn in as well as move trees out.

We also had a blower into the fireplace to the tune of a few hundred dollars, I love having the heat of a fireplace.

In the townhouse I bought in Bakersfield I found a round metal tube curved on the ends. Cost to me zilch, $20.that worked in my little fireplace and kept us real warm. Archie and me, later Ebony.