Michael is in a hospital tonight. I need all the prayers of all who may read this blog. He is experinceing severe pain and is not, I pray in a life threatening situation, but I believe I need to be strong. All the strength I have is in Yahava, I feel I have little of my own strength. Perhaps I am wrong. Time will tell.

I know a woman whom I have met here in Nevada, who has been in a unhappy marriage before, who also has been blessed with a good and kind husband and I am happy for her  as I have been happy for myself. Although I feel as though I have not been an easy and good a wife as I would like to be, for Michael. (Let me be clear Roderick I am not speaking of you.)

I know God has spoken to me tonight and told me to be strong, as He has spoken I will do all I can do and as always lean on Him for my strength.


What strength I do not posess all I need is provided by my creator. As we are told in Phillipans: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

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