Three A.M. awake again. That toothache that started last Thursday has been a doozy. Now I am toothless on my bottom lower left side of my mouth, the blessing here will be if I am actually able to drop some weight. Yesterday the first blessing was getting the name of a good dentist. Ann gave me her dentist’s name, Dr. R.Garth Harris. I could have not found a better dentist.

The second blessing was getting the bleeding to stop as the hemorrhaging problem has become a much larger problem in the past few months.

My dentist in California had to build a bridge for me a few years ago, as my partial had become painful, due to my bone growth, which he told me was rare, thank you Frances (a private joke between Coleen and me) not, of course, her fault, just in the genes. That had always been painful or touchy and now will no longer be a problem.

As the tooth was broken and full of infection it will be antibiotics and soft food for the next few weeks. I am feeling better and plan to get back to work on my large painting, Portraits of my ancestors.  I started reworking the sky Saturday and replacing it with storm clouds moving out, stay off the computer and get some work done.




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