Archie teaching Ebony to play

When I told Archie I was going to get him a dog of his own to play with while I worked he was expectant. The pet goldfish I had bought him had died. We used to sit and watch him and talk about him,  I am apparently not good keeping fish alive.

It was time to up my game.

When we found and bought itty bitty Ebony, Archie just walked around her looking her over and keeping his opinions to himself, he stayed away from her.

Several weeks later, after work one day Archie and I were on the floor playing, with one of his toys and little Ebony bounced over and attacked Archie. She was protecting me as she had interrupted his play as being threatening toward me. A Schnauzer trait to protect those in their family.

That made Archies day! She really is a dog! She won’t break! Immediately he began her training as a playmate, as shown here.
























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