She’s is learning quickly.

And there, in one short session, Archie has a playmate and I no longer have to take him across town for a playdate with his two doggie friends. One is another male Schnauzer and he did want to be top dog, but NO way did Archie allow that to happen. Oh! The chaotic fun and chases around that swimming pool they did have. WILD!

Archie and his male Schnauzer friend played so wild and rough he did not get a boy to play, I feared for my cute little townhouse. Then I discovered Ebony was a mischevious and unruly female who had my townhouse trembling in fear of what she would chew up or destroy next. I would come exhausted to work for two or three hours cleaning up. Archies pet about did me in before she grew out of puppy-hood.

She would walk around my townhouse looking up at my southwestern objects hanging on my walls. Her expression was easy to read, “If I could figure out how to get up there, I could take moms ‘stuff’ and chew it up, soooo good. My teeth just itch to bite into those gorgeous things. why does she put everything up so high?”

More, later. It is exhausting just to remember what she put me through & write about it.



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