California home

Michael hung all of the draperies, we custom ordered these drapes and the sheers from J.C. Pennies. They did an excellent job. I believe we bought the hardware there also. We left the sleigh head and footboard there, no room to take so many things so much furniture, but isn’t that way?

We truly did enjoy the home we made there, but are so much happier here in Nevada. The people here are so friendly and welcoming. Salinas Valley has the most clannish and unfriendly people I have ever been around, even most of the people we saw at church had no time for you unless you could do something for them.

Just busy I suppose and I was very ill there with the marine layer coming in from Monterey and settling and staying in Salinas and even all the way down the Salinas Valley to Greenfield where we had moved to escape the debilitating damp cold along with the fluctuating barometric pressure.

The fluxation of the barometric pressure bears down on your fibermialga and it causes pain so deeply ingrained in your body you are unable to move. It clouds your mind so bad you can barely form your thought process and speak sensibly.

Diane Boultinghouse called me one morning when I happened to be suffering very badly. She actually thought I had been drinking some kind of alcohol! Really Diane! What were you thinking!

Fibermialga is a terrible disease. Fortunately, while Coleen does have it she is able to live in Minnesota and copes well with the temperatures there.

In having to move & find a home here so quickly we rented a house on a mountainside. Just because there is no marine layer here, I think I can live in such a location? When will I learn?


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