’57 Freshman initatiom

Oh boy! weren’t those the good old days? weeelll, maybe not. I wanted something cool to wear, not this lame costume. This was just embarrassing to wear to high school that day. After all, that was the point wasn’t it. To embarrass us. Unless you were one of the movers and shakers! Which I wasn’t. And this was out of a class of eleven students!

I still had my nemesis by the name of, shall we say Patsy Terry. One of her jobs in life was to be sure I was never accepted as a person in school or to be involved as a cheerleader, etc. stuff we all wanted to do, fun stuff.  Too bad that suitcase was not full of money to make a getaway with.

That night when we had to show up to the gymnasium to undergo the final frightening humiliation we were all filled with the apprehension of maybe being blindfolded and having to eat something that felt like were eating worms or something equally gross. Do you remember those days?

Charles and “Patsy’s” dad were cohorts in advancing themselves financially legally as well as illegally. That was right up their alley. They were both highly intelligent and could come up with successful schemes that worked to their advantage.

I recall coming out of my bedroom one summer afternoon and surprised at finding him in the living room with Charles and exceedingly surprised when he came over and Kissed!Me.

Those fugues worked so very well.



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