Mark, Coleen and. How frightful I do look, the kids are cute. This was 1971, give or take a year or two.

I was not an ace at sewing my own clothing and long after I stopped buying material and doing so, Frances kept sending her cast-offs, bad fabric and, the good little daughter that I was (yes mother) I kept sewing something out of the stuff. Then I would actually wear the thing!

Frances bought a lot of fabric, I finally figured some of the outfits I made were just awful. Case in point some kind of silky (nylon) slinky material she sent me, I just sewed a simple long dress which fit well, very simply made. THEN I actually wore it to church. Good thing I had good lady friends there. Everyone else probably had a good laugh on.

Its been a long day and i’m tired, perhaps this makes some kina sense.


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