Army boy

An army boy and his weapon are never parted.

As our beautiful home was sold as soon as it was listed, not even in the M.L.S. yet, we should have not ageed to be out of our home so soon. Even a healthy young man like Michael can over do and he did. So here he sits cooling his heels for a few days waiting to become operable and able to move and pack and etc. We sold furniture and as all of you have sold a home and moved, gave furniture and who knows what all to Goodwill, the closet place to haul stuff and haul and haul and haul. But we made it.

I got to drive the Dodge Ram with my dodge charger on a trailor to Bakersfield and we (truck, car, and me) stayed there until Michael drove the twenty six foot moving van to Las Vegas and back. We returned that truck and drove back to Las Vegas.

Wow! Moving Isn’t for old people!

We have great neighbors and have met so many wonderful people in Neveda. It’s great to br living here.



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