Army boy

Michael while serving in Germany during the cold war. Here he is with two of the people from his unit. Such a kid he is.

He loved everything about Germany, especially the food, the beer, and the Autobahn, driving on it in his Mustang.

We had that three-car garage, Michael sold his new Mustang when we bought the Dodge Ram and sold his 1987 Mustang when we sold our house. Man! that was one hot car. It had five on the floor and was a GT.

On our first dance out of town up 99 to, I think Hanford. Most of our dance club made the drive up and then back home after the dance.

Michael and I were getting to know one another and he was trying hard to be good as a young man in another newer sports car came alongside him, and revving up his engine, saying old Mustang, come on I’ll blow you away. It was so hard on Michael. The man has a need for speed.

This guy would not go away. Finally Michael down-shifted and as we would have said back in the day, Michael’s old Mustang blew him away. I did not say so, but I loved it. When I was a kid if you had four on the floor you had one hot car.

I drove a Chrysler Imperial back in the early ’70s, nobody left a red light ahead of me, but I tempered my need for speed better than Michael does his.  Oh, my! we do have fun.

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