Year one

.Heres a photo Michael took the first year we were married, we are living in the cute little town-house I bought after THE “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”.  How many of you remember the song by Tammy Wynette after she and George Jones were divorced? Twenty years we’ve been together now, married over nineteen.

No comparison really, just a memory that popped up. Anyway, here Michael and I are in Cedar City Utah, an awesome little town, that promotes the arts in an awesome way. They are into thespianism in a big way.

Coleen loved performing in drama through her Jr. high and high school years, she had so many friends, she and guy friend Timmy (Spanish or Hispanic, not sure which, but tall,, black hair gorgeous boy) Coleen, (can I whisper: short, voluptuous, blonde and athletic to boot). The last descriptive word was ok along with, blonde.

Those two were so gorgeous together and won ribbons, trophies when doing one of Neil Simeon’s skits. They would have dated were it not for Roderick, he may have, make that Would have physically injured Timothy, had Coleen dated him. His mom was smart as a whip, I don’t know how many businesses she owned. If You’ve Got It! you’ve Got It! But oh, no. She married that Texas boy. Nuff said.

So here we are, we will be here one more night and be on our way home. We will be seeing so many of the great people we have met in Las Vegas, this weekend at the art gallery. I can’t say more than that as Rodderick is desperate to find me. If he could find and kill me he would be so fulfilled and happy, so the location of the gallery is somewhere in Nevada, maybe in Las Vegas, Roderick can be the means of his own end. Not mine or Michaels, by the mighty grace of Yahava. but still,  mumbs the word.

Its time to go we still have a little shopping to do. Oh! my goodness, you should see the boot scooting western boots Michael bought me at ENCORE A CHIC BOUTIQUE in St. George Utah yesterday. They are absolutely to die for! And girls and gals I only bought two pair, WEEEEELLLLL, I only ask Michael to buy me two pair, which he did, of course. How he spoils me, and I love it. Actually, it took me a few years to get used to it. NOW I’M JUST GOING WITH THE FLOW.

Places to go stuff to do



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