Missing teeth

Here we are in Brice Canyon, Utah, Rainbow point. This is me and Michael with his missing teeth.

As you can see if you look closely, Michael has recently lost some teeth, AGAIN! And, no I did not knock any of his teeth out. He did that himself when he was eleven years old. It just hurts me to hear him tell how it happened. But here goes.

As I was riding my bike on an errand to get some milk from the local seven to eleven store, I went down a little hill on the sidewalk. I turned the corner and I am not sure what happened. The next thing I knew I was lying face first on the sidewalk, I got up and walked back to the house crying all the way.

My mom heard somebody crying outside and did not realize that it was me until I walked back into the house. Then she saw me and was shocked to see that I was all scraped up on my nose, upper lip, chin, and a big scrape on my chest about three inches in diameter.

As she started cleaning me up she could see that my three upper front teeth were broken off and made a perfect arch. It didn’t feel perfect in any shape size or form. It just hurt like all get out.

At this time, after all, I had gone through and after she had cleaned my wounds we realized I still had the milk money clutched in my hand.

My dad came home and when we went to the scene of my accident to get my bike, we saw that the front tire of my bicycle had come off and there was a three or four-foot long scrape in the concrete sidewalk where the front forks had scraped grooves when the wheel came off. This had caused me to go face first over the handlebars and hit the sidewalk causing my teeth to break off and I had landed about a foot from the grass.

My folks took me to a dentist and after much discussion, after x-rays were taken he decided on a course of action. A dental surgeon cut the nerves to these teeth and my dentist had to grind them down and put caps on. This was a lengthy process.

I was told in about ten years, due to growth, these would need to be replaced. Later while in the army this was done, although not without problems. The upshot is that there were other problems and then the surgery was done to correct all of this. He did stop and take pictures during the process for teaching purposes.

These teeth lasted me for almost thirty years before they deteriorated and had to be pulled. I now have a bridge and a partial, which I usually do not wear as it is uncomfortable.

Although now he is still devastatingly handsome.  Michael says he is so ugly he could stop a speeding train, make it turn around and go in the other direction. As you can see, we disagree

Michael and Patricia





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