New Pal

Our new friend, even though he did figure me for a pigeon, as a con takes someone for a pigeon, I still like him.

He reminds me of the large flock of birds who had taken over the eves of a new home in Greenfield California. We had bought the home out of foreclosure. So here we are with the patio along the back yard in rude use by the many nesting birds. As spring had just sprung there were no baby birds yet. Just the many birds carrying mud and building nest across the entire back of the house. As we were moving in to discourage them Michael would periodically spray the new building construction with a garden hose, undoing what had been done. This was not appreciated, but as he is a giant  (my gentle giant)  nothing was done by the birds to discourage him.

When the time came a few days later for him to return to work, it fell upon me to interrupt the construction going on by the gang of birds.

Soooo Cute! After I had sprayed the water a few times, this gang of birds was right above my head in a huddle and after a period of time the whole gang of birds all dive bombed me! I must have looked small to them. They never did this to Michael! I loved it!  How clever of them!

Careful who you call a bird brain from now on. You may be the only bird brain around.


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