Aunt Ruth, Charles sister

This would have been in the 1920s. Everyone told me that I looked just like my aunt Ruth and I must have. She had married T.G. Rose. Everyone called him TG.

When our school Porter, consolidated and we went to San Jon to school so did some school up on the caprock, a boy by the name of Stanley frost was also new there. I was a freshman and he was a grade behind me. (he later became a judge). I would not date him, he was too young. Ha, here I am now married to a much younger man. He went home and told his mom he saw a girl in school who just like his aunt Ruth, (my aunt Ruth).

Check out that dress. How cool is that?

They started out just like all of Charles and his siblings, borrowing money from the bank, buying a farm, indebted to the bank, like everyone else did. It wasn’t easy making a go of it. Most made it a few didn’t. Maybe more than a few. How would I know?

Someday I will tell of T.G. & Aunt Ruth’s immense success & riches and of T.G.’s murder. Not a happy story, Money alone does not bring happiness or peace.




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