Beautiful daughter, Coleen home FROM L.C.C.

Oh my, we had so much fun shopping usually at Anthony’s department store in Farmington New Mexico.

There was the summer we were shopping and fitting on clothes in Anthony’s, we had both worn our little tan overalls. we had two or three pair of that style each. One of that style was so cute that we traded them back and forth each time we flew out to see each other.

Back to my story. We had one new pair that the suspenders latched opposite from the rest and when we went to leave we could not get them to stay hooked. We always laughed a lot. We got so tickled, when they kept falling down we could not get it right for love nor money.

The store was at a lull, we were the only customers in the store. A clerk was nearby and kept asking if we needed help. She probably just wanted to know what could possibly be so funny.

We finally got it together, so that we could leave.


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