Sister Nedra Kay & me children make three.

Nedra & Roland had driven down from Denver Colorado, to be with us at Christmas, 1976 Charles was there also, he often was, not too terribly often. He had the farm to run, thank our God, Yahava.

Charles was standing in the street, dead in the street in the street, as we left to go somewhere. Charles saw someone he thought he knew with a group of men, down our little street. It was Edsel Wallin, cousin to Frances. He and the other men were working in Farmington, up from Silver City, now re-named Truth of Consequences. They lived in a very small trailer, and his wife Karry May had come up to be with him for Christmas.

Edsel and Karry May ate Christmas dinner with us.

Charles and Frances had divorced, she was in Cali8fornia living with Aunt Wanda Ruth and Uncle John, completing nurses training.

The rest of this story tonight.Patricia

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