School days photos

Howdy Howdy Howdy! What a beautiful day here in Nevada. Michael and I love it here. Photos above are of my first grade and Four years of high school.

The first grade was difficult, Mrs. Southland humiliated me on a daily basis in front of my classmates. The little girls would not play with me out on that playground. It was pretty lonely out on that playground.

Frances knew this was going on and did not intervene on my behalf, until my third-grade year. Mrs. Bond, Mrs’ Southerlands daughter taught third and fourth-grade class. She called Frances in and showed her I had klunked an I,Q.  test. Suddenly this was about Frances having birth to an idoit child. Wow! She got onto her high horse and she went to the principal office and told him about it. He immedately started commimg into my classroom and taking over the class. He would call on me approved when I gave the right answers.

As I was trying to survive and had started giving the opposite answer to what I thought was the right answer, therefore getting them wrong.


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