Favorite Painting

I do love this painting, a tree with a lot of character. I  now have hanging where I see it every day. While I set my easel up near my car I painted sitting in a  huge industrial vacant lot in Bakersfield California, 1998.

In Bakersfield California, I was unable to continue working, with the loss of income of income, due to Roddericks dirty tricks plus a job at Sears. Rodderick had a ‘woman’ who called from John Garone’s Real  Estate office where we both worked, Doreen Lane. She kept him up to date kept telling about my life, who I went country western dancing with, my style of dancing. Dick also show me to rumba and other styles of dancing



.had stolen my car and sold it to a person he worked with, had me stalked late Christmas Eve. Rodderick had a woman who called him long distance after he moved t , California.o his new job at Pelican Bay


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