Painting of my son mark in 1969.

A watercolor painting Of my son. He was nine years old. Such a precious boy. How I loved him and of course, and still do. They say “a son is a son until he takes a wife until he takes a wife a daughter is a daughter all of her life” How true that turned out to be.

Mark was a straight-A student, captain of his football team and he and Coleen taught on one of the church buses, used to pick up children to bring church.

Mark has such charisma that other kids his and adults were always around him. him. He did not understand that. Being the captain of his football team through little league and school may have had an influence.” I do not know.

I called Mark several years and while we were talking he said,” Jacki and I pray for you”, indicating that I was a sinner who needs guidance and Gods forgiveness. I was so stunned by This statement, I was speechless. Oh well, that’s life. It can throw you a curve ball when you are least suspecting it.

Roderick (A.K.A. dufus) told so many lies about me to Mark. Mark is extremely intelligent, a  petroleum engine r Coleen said one story was how I had been the leader of a gang of sex perverts when I was a child. WOW!!!   She did not tell me any more of them and I did not want to  hear any more.

To be honest it was  Jackie, her mon Edith and the dreaded Roderick Garrett all working together to turn Mark against me. To be honest it was Jackie, her mon and the dreaded Roderick Garrett  (perhaps a child of satan, I cannot judge anyone only God can do that) working together to achieve that. Mark is always off in his mind and misses a lot that goes on around him.

After his son and a few years later daughter Tannis was born, we drove out to see all of them. People always ask if Coleen and I are sisters. Jackie, her mom,Edi lived with them, until Mark was able to buy her a house of her own. She was quite old and looked it. Tannis got into my lap, but Tyrell stayed away. He sat in front of Coleen and I, he would look at me and then look at grama, Edith and back at me with a puzzled look on his face. He did that all evening long.

Mark always sees what is going on with his children. This is what they used to prove that I had hurt his sons feelings.  twenty years later when I had called him, He was furious with me and told me how I had treated his son, saying Tyrel did not deserve to be treated like that. Not Marks fault, he was deceived but the hate filled three. Oh my, that hurt so much. I have not attempted to speak with him again. My bad.


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