Military Ball

Michael took me to a military ball shortly after we met, we already were aware that we were destined to be married partners for life. I had prayed for God to send me a good Godly man to marry and here he was. although  I did decline to marry him for a few months, I was fifteen years, four months older than him. I thought I would be saddling him with an older woman, who did suffer from arthritis in all of my joints, fibromyalgia, etc. He told me he would be older also (in a few years). So cute. We were married a few months later.

This is one of my few actual memories of my childhood. All of the farming community together in the early morning to help finish the barn building. I only recall the men working on the roof. That was because all we kids were playing in our own age groups,

I know we ate, eating is not in my memory banks, we kids were more interested in exploring the farm and playing together. All of my cousins were there, four of in the same age group of children, Norman Wayne, Donna Sue with her brilliantly, beautiful red hair and always with a  preoccupied mind, Douglas.

We all laughed when his mon told the family about his getting into the bathtub with his socks on. He always twisted his hair with one hand and it stood up.Douglas was slightly built and with allergies that kept him from working the crops. after I left my senior year, married he was a junior. When I saw him a year later he was six foot tall. He then went to the Albuquerque university, whereas a math student was the most brilliant minded math they had ever had. Uncle Joe bought him and wife Donna Kay, supposedly my best friend in high school, a two-bedroom house near the campus.

RODDY and I stayed in their house for a few days when his brother was in the hospital in Albuquerque. We were family after all. Uncle Joe was quite wealthy and Donna Kay treated me condescendingly, the poor relative sooo beneath her. Oh no! We were not.



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