New type of painting

I painted this painting at Blue Line art gallery and had to leave it there in Sacramento California. It is a pour painting I so enjoyed painting it.

Both of the paintings I painted that night were taken, two others were left, so another artist must have taken them. The receptionist who went to the manager’s office to get them came back to tell me they weren’t there. She brought two paintings. Her body language did give her  away. She was in great discomfort, no one should make a young woman lie. She just kelp her mouth shut as I protested’

The manager had to have told her the truth, I guess she had to.

I took one of the paintings that was left I should have taken both to make up for the expensive. I will gesso over the painting and use the canvas for another painting. Michael did shoot a video of me while I was painting this one. I was very angry.

I will look at this photograph to do another painting like it.


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