Square dancing, Michael a teenager

I love this photo of Michael playing a game, every teenager wanted to see who would win this square dancing. game. He doesn’t remember a lot of things, this being one of many things he does remember. While he had a loving mom and dad He just doesn’t remember many things.could call them the wild bunch. They were eating at  Farrell’s, an ice cream parlor, having so much fun, quite loudly. In fact, so loud they were asked to leave the restaurant.

He still loves square dancing. My friend Roberta, had been inviting to join the square dance club for singles, over a year. I had no family in Bakersfield California, but some real good lady friends. I became very lonely when after continual harassment from ex-husband Rodderick. I went to a square dance class and two months later, Michael came walking in the door. Instantly we saw each other. Soon afterward we were dating.

I had prayed to God to find me a good man to marry, I even to ask for an older Christan man. How silly was that? VERY silly. I do such silly, but instead, ask for all, saying Your will be done in my life. I can learn seems my education continues.

I  had moved to a management job at Sears gift center and the harassment tripled. It was an unbelievable situation and I was unable to work after I was fired. That had been their plan all along. I kept all of the records from the Sears business office.

I always like to know what was going on and found more of my company’s in a file cabinet that I had not been told about. These showed embezzlement had been going on. I copied these files and sent them to the headquarters of my company. My store was called something like Sears gift center.  My Manager was living the high life in Hollywood with his partner.

The things remembered sent out an auditor to all of the Sears stores they were in. The Bakersfield Sears was the first one they set up in. They soon closed all of these stores in Sears and closed this new-fledged company down. My records showed the merchandise He and his sidekick had stolen, or removed from my store, I had not stolen any of it. Which they had reported. A quick check showed where the merchandise was sold from Kathy’s sears key shop. He had told me that it was not fair for me to have all of the good merchandise. Kathy did all of my inventory and would not allow me to help her.

What? They thought I was stupid? He told me not to send a letter to headquarters, and he would allow me to get unemployment. Really! I wrote the letter and sent the records after I started receiving unemployment checks.

Not only did they close down Sears gift center, but they also sent the regional manager and Kathy far from California, as a discipline. They must have good at what they had done for many years or they could have been fired’.

I flew to Minnesota to Coleen and Rays. she helped me to write the letter and we sent it off.


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