Gods hand is upon us

Gods hand has been upon me all of life, I think that is his specialty with all who know,  love and adore Him. As scripture says, he knows when a sparrow falls so taking that to heart we know he watches over us. There are many who will come to know and love Him during the millennium.

As the healing continues to this day I often pray to Him and just talk to Him. My friend Diane Boltinghouse said, “God, must get tired of hearing from you” to which I replied, “Often He speaks to me first”. Because he does. Many of us need to be enlightened because apparently we must be cleansed of the damage done by others and of the pickles some get themselves into, drugs, etc.

After I had been brought out of a lifetime of (according to Dr. Singer) depression and felt so wonderful I could fly.

At one time an Amerilla Texas T.V. manager and the new sports reporter, with others came to the farm “quail hunting”. He spoke on air about the great Quail hunting and how great it was. As I heard this I had no clue they had been to the farm, because of the much need fugue state I lived in during those horrible experiences. Thank you, God! hallelujah!  His name is Yah, Yahava.

The young man, t.v. sports anchor came back with two friends. Apparently, they became bored with routine sex and started a game of violent sex, as chase and rape. One act was so shocking that my soul left my body. I watched from above as my body huddled against one wall of my bedroom, in a state missing the intelligence our spirit provides our soul. That child looked so pathetic. One of the men went and got Charles who was making so much money from his cash cow, came into the room furious.

He was wearing heavy boots, without stopping he came over and kicked my body hard under my ribcage, which lifted me up off the floor. The young men were shocked. Peddifles apparently talk to one another. All of Charles ‘clients’, businessmen never visited or did ‘see’ me again.

After having my soul and the intellect of our souls, my spirit, leave this clay body I often left at night and when morning came I still felt elated as I was able to soar through the air as all spirits are able to do.

My memory after that jumps to watching Charles trying to spoonfeed me soup, as I watched from above. Frances never came into my bedroom.

My next memory is a good one. Charles was gone, working on the Hoover Dam in Nevada. When he came home he told of men who fallen into the dam while they were pouring cement, how they just continued the cement pouring, and the men were still in the cement. I wonder how many had ‘help’ falling to their death?

When he came back to the farm the nightmare became even worse as he sold me to any riffraff who had a penny in his pocket. He also sold the disgustingly privilege to other men, young and old to watch.

Had God not been with me I would have not survived. It was touch and go.

The picture is of me and cousin Norman Wayne.


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