Charles horse & plow

This is the best picture of a horse and plow I could find. The two brothers, Charles and Caze Had to plow rough land, they worked together. It gave them a bond Charles had with no one else. This was the brother Charles and Frances would visit with, his son Norman Wayne and I were the same age and we played together.

Their brother, uncle Joe plowed with the large plow and a horse or mule. Charles and Caze went running to Joe was he was plowing to tell him about the large snake they had seen. Joe told them they were ok/, but to watch out for the huge snake he had seen. They were very young and believed him.

This snake was so big that as it came down the row he was plowing. It opened its mouth and Joe thought it was going to swallow plow, horse, and himself. When the snake got to him It rose up and went over him, the horse, plow and all. Oh, the joy of having a big brother, to tell the younger brothers such a tale.

then when uncle Caze started school he ask their mom, Birdie, if he could take a fork to school. As she told she had thought Caze had some class, but the next time Joe got into a fight, Caze came running in and with his fork trying to give it to brother Joe. Fork him Joe, fork him. That did not happen, Joe would not do it


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