Hungry Children

As children in the 1940s we were not allowed to leave food on our plates. We were always reminded there were hungry children in European countries and so we were to always remember how fortunate we were to have food to eat.

This left us feeling guilty for not eating every bite on our plate. I ate my food, except when Frances made cornbread, which I did not like. The rest of the family ate the cornbread in a glass filled with milk, which I also did not like. So I was allowed to go hungry.

Back when the farm had no electricity the milk was not cold enough to taste good. Maybe I would have liked it if it were cold enough. Maybe. I do like it now, very cold. I like to keep a glass in the freezer, for drinking my milk.

David came to my house twice in my lifetime. The second time he saw me take my glass out of the freezer to drink cold milk with the breakfast I had made. He had a conniption fit saying, ” Pat you know I have always loved cold milk. Why didn’t you tell me about this.” I knew no such thing, I knew nothing about David as we were growing up, how could I? I was kept out of his and Frances loop

Besides that was a no brainer. Put milk and glass in the freezer for coldness. Duh, the dummy knew something the Genesis I lived with Didn’t know. ( I just thought to myself, ‘ Its a very easy thing to think of, why didn’t you.}

But, but, but dats not possible! She’s too dumb. No wonder Frances did not care how Ms. Southerland and Mrs. Bond treated me.

The great benefit of hearing those words over and over, about children in European countries starving, is that it was something God used for good. It taught me to look around and see others had worse hardships and difficulties than I did and that knowledge put my sufferings into a perspective that encouraged me and provided some sort of balance for me. Yahava provides what each child of His needs. My needs were many and He has time and gladly takes as much time as each of us needs from His great love and wisdom.

I hope I have not muddled these thoughts up too much.


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