The ranch

As our farm sat at the edge of the farming community and was bordered with a large corporate (I believe it was owned by a corporation) ranch that consisted of hundreds of miles that ran into Texas. We never did see any cattle or horses there.

The ranch kept a family there for many years. I did not know about them, I was five or six years old. They were very poor. Their dad came and told Charles his sons had shot and killed our horse. The boys told Charles they were shooting at a bird, maybe this bird was supposed to be sitting on our horses head, as they shot him between the eyes.

This man offered to pay for the horse. Charles and Frances forgave the debt because they did not have much money. Had there been jobs available the boys could have worked to pay off the debt, but there weren’t. They would not have had transportation if there were jobs available.

I do know I loved horses, they were one of the first I drew. One of the good things about the good old days was that children in our area usually had to entertain themselves and it took creativity.

I sure missed that horse.


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