Grandad Wallin

I painted his portrait on heavy watercolor paper in1974, from a studio photo made in  1914. I had never taken such a, perhaps difficult painting. I thought it would be difficult, but it wasn’t difficult at all.

I started with a light drawing and painted his figure, as I painted his clothing, I would stop and study the painting and then continue painting, on and om.

As a toddler when visiting, I would follow this good man around. When he would lay down a short black curved tube, water would come out of it. Not large enough to see the water flowing down the berry patch, I was so in awe to magically make water come out of the tube. My grandad was magic!!!

Oh! how my grandmother spoiled that man. They were so funny.I was told about, in later years, I was supposed to bring in the sheets off the clothesline and do something with them??? I put them on their bed that grandmother had moved that day. How that mattered, I do not know.

When grandad arrived home from work he went into their bedroom and fell down or sat down onto where the bed had been and landed on the floor. what a shock that must have been. He did ask that she not move their bed again.

We watched The Larence welk and other variety t.v. shows in the evenings. Whenever I left the room I would hear a funny noise. It was grandad getting chocolate candies grandmother kept for him inside his footstool. She also brought his “medicine” in a tall glass every night, actually a coke with ice cream. We never knew.

At least until Charles told me one night to go get him a coke float. As I blocked thoughts and sounds out whenever I was reading or watching etc. etc. I did not know he had spoken to me until he tilted my face up and slapped me sharply. Then I got his message as he repeated his ‘request’.

He may have had withdrawal systems from being separated and not having me around. He would find me alone reading and do the same act on the farm. pity, pity, poor man.

Grandmother spoiled all of us. I could sleep in as long as I wanted to, get up to my favorite breakfast, fresh picked boysenberries with a rather large bowl of ice cream. Then I would go out into the beautiful day and pick berries with my cousins. Delphia was always there working. she was older than us and so very beautiful the boys all had a crush on her. She had a beautiful voice and would sing while she picked berries. It was so very nice.





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