Indian flintstone area

There was a historical site where Indians camped and made arrowheads from the flintstone there. We did not think, at least I didn’t, anyone would be interested in it being reported and if they would who would we report it to? There are many such sites on private property in this nation.

We had to walk two miles or more to reach this site. Frances had a perfectly made grounding stone that she kept water in, for our dog, Elbert. Elbert was also Charles middle name, as I chose not to name a new dog Charles. cousin Douglas named his dog Jojo, after uncle Joe, of course. His dog was a chow. The other cousins, dog names I do not recall.

We also collected many imperfect arrowheads, some very close to perfect. The only artifact that I found and kept is a grinding stone, for their corn.

This is not a photo of the site we visited but is close, as the artifacts were scattered on the ground.


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