Frances speaks

Another story told by Frances, while I was in the “terrible two’s” age.

As I have shared how Frances never hugged me or allowed me to listen as she read stories to brother David, she only said at that age when she would put down for my nap, I would disappear. (When she finally noticed this behavior My words, not hers), she discovered me asleep under her bed.

When Christmas, Christ-mass, came around she had storage in that closet behind the hanging clothes. As she was getting the gifts and the bag of the only chocolates she could buy in the 1940s, not really good, but better than none. The blame fell on me. She said I never had chocolate on me. Now I ask you, could any two years old really do that? As I write this blog it only now occurs to me now, that is highly unlikely.

I do admire the cleverness of a typical two-year-old child as they are so very busy learning vast amounts of knowledge, speech, how people live, etc.

My perfect brother (according to Frances) must have been the chocolate thief. I must say, my sister, I do believe did hear the same stories about me, whenever she did disappoint Frances, although I do not recall ever asking Nedra Kay if that was the case.

In her life, Frances did many good things. I recall when I was a teenager, a family suffering a loss of a family member, and as she worked long hours at the grocery store she knew what was happing in the community. Noone was going to take food to the be-revived family. She was up most of the night frying several chickens and preparing other food. She and another woman took enough food for all the family, including those who traveled to be there for the funeral.

In 1953 Frances had traveled by train taking Nedra and me with her to see her family one last time. The doctors at Mayo Clinic had told nothing could be done to extend her life, her lungs were shot through and through, with the damage that they could not repair. At that time doctors only could remove a section of lung. That would have done her no good.

As God did work in her life to save her from that death, thank you, God! She was surprised to hear her family knew a doctor who knew a surgeon who had practiced medicine in Korea during the “Korean conflict” (make that war as it really was). treating soldiers whose lungs were shell shot. This was a new type of surgery at the time, and other doctors were not yet trained to perform it. This doctor did get Frances an appointment with this surgeon. I cannot recall his name for a certainty, I believe it was Dr. Sampson. Maybe.

He was practicing in the city of Oakland. She said he was a large man with large hands who did this very delicate surgery on peoples lungs. Charles and David drove out before her first surgery and went back to the farm shortly afterward.

She had to heal after surgery before he could perform the second surgery, so Nedra and I spent the school year in California. I was apprehensive about going to such a large, new school When we arrived back in New Mexico I was in the seventh grade. Nedra was six years younger than me. She was in California for her first year in school.

More of this story from Charles’s behavior later.


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