Roadrunners and rattlesnakes

uIn New Mexico we had rattlesnakes and sidewinders, The sandy areas did show which poisonous snakes were close by. When you found evidence of either one near the farmhouse you had to take precaution as long as they were in the area. They had to be killed when one was seen, otherwise, you could wind up with a nest of deadly vipers.

If you were fortunate enough to have a roadrunner or a bull snake near the house they would kill all poisonous snakes they ran across.

One summer we had a very curious roadrunner visit us. All of that summer when we were at breakfast this roadrunner would hop up onto the swamp cooler that sat in the window overlooking the dining area. Later during the day he would run around the house and look into the very low set bedroom windows looking for us. So very precious an activity, for a creature of the wild to do. God has made animals so smart, with interesting characteristics.

You could rest easy without fear of a viper to stumble across, while a roadrunner stayed nearby.

One year when Roderick and I while visiting my parents, Charles had a pet bullsnake. The snake stayed close to the entry door, quite often. Charles would walk up to the snake and stroke its back. The snake, when I witnessed this occurrence would slowly slither away after this ritual.

Of course, this snake was important to Charles, so the following series of events were not at all good.

The morning after we arrived, the rest of the family were all gone from the farm. Roderick stepped out the door barefoot. He steps on the snake and is filled with fear. He grabbed the hoe, from somewhere nearby and proceeded to kill that innocent bull snake. Then as he feared Charles (for a valid reason) He had to dispatch the snake’s body in such a way that Charles could never find it.

How did Roderick do this??? I do not know, I was sad that the coward I was married to did such a terrible thing.



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