Joy is mine

Joy is mine and it has always been so.

As Jehovah (Elohim, Creator), God is referred to as Elohim in the scriptures 2,700 times as He is the creator of all things. He who was and is and is to come. He created all the races on the sixth day. Second Peter chapter three, verse eight, King James “But beloved, one day IS with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

As in the millennium where Christ will reign over the earth for one thousand years, God took one thousand years to create His children. He created all of the races upon this earth on the sixth day (one thousand years), He took his time as He created all of us with the talents and abilities given to each and every soul.

Using my God-given talents and His constant care and love, I enjoyed my time when playing alone. I became aware of God when staying with my grandparents in California. I have blogged about that period of my life while writing “Siblings”

My grandmother bought me a bible with New and Old Testaments. I read them daily for the rest of my childhood. I received my strength and endurance from reading the words written there.

We had a horse when I was a toddler. I loved that horse and as soon as I could scramble up the wooden board pen (at 2 years old) that the cattle and our horse were in, I would sit and patiently wait until that horse would finally stand next to where I sat on the fence. At last, I could crawl over onto his back.  He must have done so deliberately as he did this every time I made it up onto that fence, (I think?) I was happy just to be on that horses’ back. Unfortunately for me, a parent would eventually find me and remove me from the horse. It was great while it lasted. This one of the many stories Frances told my children. They loved hearing them all. Frances loved and adored Mark.

The slight “breaks where the farmhouse sat on a lower ground from the flat area of flat land for farming, was the first small level of the land. From there we overlooked an area that held the ancient cottonwoods. There had been a man-made dam above and westward from the trees. That dam had broken during a gully gusher rain storm. There the earth was and rich and soft. the rain-storm made deep gullies that ran from the pond down close to the cottonwood trees where the sides were far above my head. I loved it, so cool!


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