GOD,Yahava, Jehovah, is great

Growing up with one parent (paternal) Charles whose ancestry was embedded with the custom of worshiping satan was most unfortunate. That’s putting it mildly, to say the least.

Charles never loved anyone but himself. As his daughter, he took me to the sadistic practice of a quite large group during their satanic rituals, while I was still a toddler. I suppose the idea was that starting that young he could ingrain their values into my mind.

I am here to testify that that cannot happen in the life of one who has always loved God since the first world age. The degradation of my early childhood continued until I left that farm for good. It was a difficult life. God is so good, His grace is sufficient. He lives in all of those who know and love Him as well as those who may have forgotten that they have known and loved Him in the first earth age. Someday they will know.

I learned from Dr. Singer that when you cannot cope with is going on around you and monstrous things are done to your physical body, your mind can (and mine always did) goe into a fugue. This is a pathological state of altered consciousness in which a person may act and wander around as though conscious, but her behavior is not directed by her complete normal personality and is not remembered after the fugue ends.

This is how I lived my life. Wow this is tiring.

to be continued


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