Here are Charles and Frances standing beside the only grocery store in the community of Porter New Mexico. Apparently, granpa (Elmer Jackson) owned and they made their living running it before they borrowed the money and bought their farm.

Charles did have a rough life, apparently, he actually liked sister Nedra and used to talk to her. A story he did tell her was about something that happened before his birth.

His mon whose name was Birdie was a very capable and strong-willed woman. She had no milk of human kindness from the stories I heard and memories brought up during my days’  of therapy.

I did hear talk during the many Jackson family gatherings where the women would cook and talk about family. Elmer was crazy about Birdie and he courted her and one time, trying to impress her he told her that he had busted a bronc. Her reply to that was, “so what I’ve busted three”. A hard young girl to impress, but he persisted and won her heart. That’s assuming she had a heart. I think he may have been a rather good person, but always followed her lead.

As she had been out and about the community and was near delivery time, she was standing up in a wagon and whipping her team of horse’s. The wagon hit something and the wagon flew up in the air. She was thrown out of the wagon and one of the back wheels ran over her midriff. How an almost fully developed baby could survive that, I do not know. I do know there is much wickedness in this world and satan does what little he is able to do to protect his own.

He also told her that as a young child he overheard his mom and dad talking about what she had gotten all of the children for that Christmas. Elmer ask what she had gotten Charles, as she had said nothing about his gifts. He heard her say “I didn’t get him anything, he doesn’t matter”. What a terrible thing for a child to hear his mother say.

Frances had also told her that grandad had cried when told Frances that she had given Charles the only happiness he had ever known. He and Birdie had never treated Charles good.


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