Here are David and I in the yard of our Wallin grandparents home in Walnut Creek California.  January 1947, I spent that fall in California, with my grandparents. why was I there at that time? I think my great and kind God gave that time of peace to me for my mental health and growth.

What a great place it was. It must have been fifty acres. There was a huge boysenberry patch where all the grandkids could earn money picking boysenberries to sell to many people who knew to come down the residential street off highway 4. At this time it would be highway 4, back then I think it was not 4, but just some road that led from Oakley to Brentwood, where grandmother shopped and we went to see movies.

At the end of that street you hit a dirt road that turned north and passed a wooden fence that bordered the edge of my grandparents property.  a hard left turn took you to the older, very nice house in which they made their home.

The back grassy yard was on that North side of the house, where there was a tall well house in which  grandmothers washing machine sat. The old wringer kind of course, the only one on the market back then.  outside was her clothesline for hanging her laundry to dry.

Up the narrow top was a room the boys used as a club house. I was not allowed inside, although to each boys ignorance, one at one time or another, they each took me up to show it off. It was neat I guess. I was not too impressed, I kept that to myself also.

Who knew? Grandad Wallin loved flowers and the front yard was filled with all kinds of flowers all summer. Bees too.

Two of my aunts were given acreage on which were very far apart, they with their husbands built homes there. It was really neat. The best part were the old time telephones hooked up to the three houses had a rotary handle that you could turn once for grandmother, twice for aunt Luciel and three times for aunt Wynema. A that time Ma Bell charged people every time they made all local calls. The phones were not only attractive, they also saved money, as they were in constant use.

This was during those days when a husband could support the family financially and wives were at home raising the children and being homemakers. Think of the t. v. show, “Leave it to beaver” or ” The Nelson family”. Except for the moms wearing high heels (did not happen) that gives a somewhat good picture of the style of living back then. What a long ways seventy or eighty years do bring in life styles.

The family came out and took me back to that farm. It was a respite from the cruelty of life on that farm, a time when I tasted the goodness of being with people who were functional, what we call good people. Christan people.

I do remember being in a Sunday school classroom of children my age. I felt like a duck out of water. They were learning and quoting bible scriptures. Grandmother let me stay with her during bible class while being criticized for doing so. She spoiled all members of her family, even me.

Although I discovered when I was forty-two years old that she had known about Charles’s abuse of me. He had known there was nothing she could do about it, but that was when I lost my grandmother. An experience perhaps for another blog, or perhaps not.


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