Kids say the darnest things

Many of us grew up watching  Art Linkletter on a television by this same name. He was so good with children, they really opened up to them.

While in church one Sunday morning as we were listening to the sermon, I had noticed a raven haired woman sitting in the pew in front of my family and me. She was quite interesting in appearance. her hair was long and attractively messy. This was in the early nineteen sixty’s and in most of the nation messy was not “in”. Add to that, she was endowed with a natrualy long and rather crooked nose.

Of course, if I had been struck by her appearance, so was my three-year-old daughter had also noticed it. In doing so, she turned to me and pointed out that there was a witch sitting in front of us, unfortunately, loud enough to be heard by this lady. She just turned to see Coleen, with a little smile.

I was greatly relieved that the lady was not hurt or offended when over-hearing  Coleens comment. Although I did wonder if her appearance had been exgerated by the lady, in order to promote curiosity.

Kids do say the darnest things.


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