Schnauzers do not get black & white

I so enjoyed working with people while selling real estate. This couple were one of my favorite. After showing them “re-sales” I showed them new homes.

It was always necessary to add things to a contract, such as if the home is not completed on time for the move-in date, the builder will pay for them a motel until they can move in. If you have dealt with some lenders and some loan companies you are aware that some do not perform according to the contract and people who have a home they have sold and have to move into the new on the move in date can be left in the lurch.

We became very well acquainted while I spent some time contacting the builder, actually the contractor, who left several things unfinished. It took several times of contacting him to get it all done. It was rather like pulling teeth.

I sometimes took my little Archie with me. We got quite a kick out of his incredulous attitude at seeing black people for, apparently the first time. He could not believe his eyes and stared quite impolitely.

What do you do when it’s a dog?

This reminds me of an incident with Coleen when she was just three year’s old. I must write about that sometime.

This has been a doggie tale.



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