Mommy does it like this

I never had the opportunity to baby sit. I never experienced a loving relationship with my parents, so I just “winged it”. you parents know how deeply you love your babies, for ever and always. they were so much fun, gave so much joy.

By the time they were in first and third grade I decided to change our story time.I started reading the bible to them. Change of pace. I would read one verse and then they would read one. we would then discuss what we had read (well actually I did that).

We did not finish the whole bible until mark was in high school and coleen was in jr.high. they scored high on the test especially in comprehension. Coleen came home from Lubbock Christian College and said, “MOM YOU HAD US STUDYING COLLEGE LEVEL MATERIAL”

She wasn’t yelling at me, she was just letting me know how surprised at how much she and Mark had learned at mom’s knee, so to say. Advanced studies, I suppose.



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