Oh! how we little Schnauzers do love, love, love our taco bell tacos! Momma says they are good for us, we eat the shells, tomatoes, lettuce meat and the cheese. Do they have tomatoes? I do not know, we just love eating them. them,

Back when Archie and I were living in my townhouse, I would take him with me on a taco bell run,

I would run any errands I needed to do, stopping by and picking him up a taco, while I ate something. Usually with a order of chili cheese fries. I know, I know, but I did love those cheese fries.

Archie would sit in the front seat next to those cheese fries and taco’s while I was out of the car. He never touched that bag. Such a good dog.

That lasted until my little Ebony joined our little family. Every night when I came home she would have some awful mess for me to clean up. This went on for several months until one evening while scolding Ebony, I happened to see an awareness cross Archie’s face and thought, “oh, no”.

Sure enough! The next day my good little boy doggie had gone bad. Kid’s, since the dawn of time have figured this one out. If miss-behaving get’s attention, I can do that to and so he did.

That cute little schnauzer, Ebony had turned my obedient Archie, slightly to the dark side.

Oh, how we little schnauzers do love our taco bell tacos. mom says they are healthy for us. we eat the meat shells, lettuce, and tomatoes. do they have tomatoes.? whatever we just know we love, love, love, eating them.

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