Mark riding Rocky, Coleen on Missy

What fun we had riding our horse’s. The kid’s were natural, of course as kids most often are when being raised around horse’s. Rocky was instantly cautious the first time they were put on his back, when they were tiny tot’s. Coleen maybe a year old. Rocky did not want to be a foot away from their dad. such a good horse.

Rocky had been given to us after he had been kicked repeatedly by a mare while tied to a post. Rocky’s right shoulder developed arthritis and he was crippled in the winter and was useless as a mountain hunting horse. Wilber gave Rocky to us. As the reason Rocky was kicked by the mare, I will tell that story at another time.

Then there was little Missy. just a colt when we acquired her. she was always around the kid’s and did not have to be broken. she took to a saddle and a rider as if it were what she expected to do, and seeing us riding rocky and Amigo, maybe she did.
Amigo was a horse of a different color. He was another one of Wilber Leeper’s deer hunting horse’s and quite a problem. I am not how many hands high amigo stood, but he was a Thoroughbred and pure joy to ride. His gate was, of course long and smooth.

When i say a horse of a different color I am talking about Amigo’s fondness for fence jumping and heading for the hill’s. Wilber, unknown to us at the time, was a cousin of my grandmother Leeper-Wallin, matriarch of the Wallin women. I digress.

Wilber let us know he wanted to replace Amigo with another horse and we picked Amigo up for a song. He was such a joy to ride. The three horses became such a close net group Amigo no longer escape unless he could take the other two horses with him. Also a tale for another time.





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